Who we are

We are a technology company striving to change lives across the globe through an innovative healthcare solution.

Our story

When the founder’s six-year-old son suddenly fell sick with a chronic condition, the family’s life took an unexpected twist and their turbulent journey began.

The family labored with the son through numerous doctor visits and countless hours in waiting rooms, an infamous flaw of the healthcare experience.

Through this journey, the son hoped for someone who could make him better, a superhero with a cure!

Thus, the son drew the original mascot and Avey was brought to life.

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Our mission

Avey empowers health with a self-diagnostic system and a tailored health journey.

Our vision

To provide the world with an
innovative healthcare solution
that changes lives.



Dr. Mohammad Hammoud is the Founder & CEO of Avey. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh, USA.

He has a broad interest in computer systems with an emphasis on distributed systems, cloud computing, and parallel computer architectures.

His current research focuses on designing and building scalable distributed systems for artificial intelligence, information retrieval, and graph mining applications.

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