Tonsillopharyngitis is the inflammation of the tonsils, pharynx or both. Tonsillopharyngitis is often due to bacterial, viral or fungal infections and may be caused by mechanical, chemical or thermal irritation.

-Wash your hands often, especially before touching your nose or mouth. -Avoid sharing food, drink, or utensils with someone who is sick. -Replace your toothbrush regularly.
  • Symptoms
  • Red tonsils

    or Light spots on tonsils



    • Greater than or equal to 38°C (100.4°F), Less than 38°C (100. 4°F)


    Swollen/enlarged tonsils


    Cough with mucus or without mucus

    • Dry, Dry at first then production of clear/white mucus

    • An irritating cough that doesn't go away

    • Lasting 3 weeks or less


    Enlarged or swollen lymph nodes

    • Beneath jaw or at neck, Behind the ears, In front of the ears


    Pain, scratchiness or irritation of the throat




    Swallowing difficulties

  • Risk factors
  • Treatment
  • Depending on the cause of the inflammation, tonsillopharyngitis may be treated with antibiotics or not. Gargling with warm salt water as well as pain relievers can help soothe the pain. Getting plenty of rest and avoiding straining the voice can help in the recovery process.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Tonsillopharyngitis, then a visit to a family medicine specialist is highly recommended.

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