Radial Head Subluxation

Radial Head Subluxation occurs when the radius is pulled away from the position where it should be in your arm. It is a very common elbow injury in young children, especially before the age of 5. When this happens, your child will complain of pain and inability to move the arm.

Radial Head Subluxation usually occurs after a forceful pull while holding hands with the child.
  • Symptoms
  • Child is constantly crying

    or Annoyed easily


    Joint pain

    • Severe

    • Elbows

    • Rapidly developing

    • Occurs or worsens when joint is used or stressed

    or Pain in outer elbow

    • Worsens with forearm activity


    Joint stiffness

    • Difficulty moving elbow


    Inability to rotate hand to have palm face upwards or downwards


    Outer elbow hurts when touched


  • Risk factors
  • History of a forceful arm pull

  • Treatment
  • This condition needs to be treated by your doctor, who will attempt to move the radius back to its proper position using a certain maneuver. Until you get medical help, you can comfort your child by keeping the arm still and you may use an ice pack.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Radial Head Subluxation, then a visit to an orthopedic surgeon is highly recommended.

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