A chalazion is a small, slow-growing lump or cyst that develops within the eyelid. They are not usually painful and rarely last longer than a few weeks. A chalazion can develop when a meibomian gland at the edge of an eyelid becomes blocked or inflamed.

Most chalazia cause no problems. Rarely, a cyst can become infected and this infection can spread to involve the whole eyelid and tissues surrounding the eye.
  • Symptoms
  • Swelling or lump in eyelid

    • With redness

    • Upper eyelid, Lower eyelid

    • Painless

    • In one eyelid


    Flow of tears


    Red eye

    • In one eye


    Blurred vision

    Intolerance to light

  • Risk factors
  • Seborrheic dermatitis

    or Inflammation of the eyelids

    or Acne


    High levels of fats in blood

    Recent eye or eyelid injury or trauma

    or Eyelid surgery

  • Treatment
  • Chalazion often goes away in days or weeks without treatment, but certain things might speed the process; one remedy is to apply warm, moist heat to the area with a clean washcloth. Gently massage the area to help open the gland, but never try to squeeze or pop a chalazion. Your doctor can prescribe certain eye drops, creams or medications if needed.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Chalazion, then a visit to an ophthalmologist is recommended.

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