Tips on befriending a kid with DS?

We're going as a family on a trip to the mountains, with two other families. It's going to be really exciting. It has been our routine to go around this time, somewhere where we can all take a breather and also get our son to spend more time in the outdoors. This time we're meeting other families, and one of the families has a kid with Down's Syndrome that is exactly our son's age. Ever since I found out I have been researching more about Down's Syndrome, wanting to learn more and understand. We met the family during the summer and when I saw the boy I knew I wanted to be buddies with him, to make him feel at ease. He and my son started off really well. And the family is so friendly and lovely to be around. Despite my friendly demeanor I think I froze within myself, being careful about what I say and do, feeling a bit nervous as I wouldn't want to cross boundaries or do something inappropriate or something that might hurt the kid. I would appreciate tips on how to make good company and on things to avoid doing or saying while on the trip. Thank you very much!




Down's syndrome

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A kid with down's syndrome is just a kid who wants to live, explore, be. So be someone who is willing to explore with him.



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