We are partner-centric

Partners are at the core of what we do. We partner with healthcare providers and health insurance companies. We connect patients with doctors at providers and streamline operations for insurers.

Why become a partner?

Increase your efficiency

As a clinic or a hospital, Avey will automate the booking, re-booking, cancellations, confirmations, and no-show management of all your doctors’ schedules. As an insurer, Avey will save you unnecessary claims and instantly process your necessary ones.

Reduce your costs

With Avey’s AI and automation engine, you will reduce your costs and improve the quality of your services.

Increase your user satisfaction

Through Avey, you will provide your customers with the fastest and most reliable health tech solutions, thus significantly increasing their satisfaction.

Make data-driven decisions

Avey will provide you with insightful and predictive analytics about your operations that will empower you to make the right decisions.

Steps to become a partner

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Our partners

Al Emadi Hospital
Gardenia Medical Center
Al Wehda Medical Group
Dragon Animal Care Center
Al Hayat Medical Center
Marble Medical Center Plus
Nutree Holistic Centre
Diet Center
Tadawi Medical Center
Modern Doha Specialized Medical Center
Golden Medical Center
Dr. Yasser Urology Clinic
Harvard Dental Consultant Center
Al Masa Medical Center
Dr. Leila Hamid Medical Center
Haya Care Nursing Services
Yara Medical Center
Planet Medical Center
Al Tahrir Medical Center
Al Razi Medical Center
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