Septic Arthritis

Septic arthritis is an infection in the joint (synovial) fluid and joint tissues. It occurs more often in children than in adults. The infection usually reaches the joints through the bloodstream. In some cases, joints may become infected due to an injection, surgery, or injury.

Septic Arthritis can be fully recovered but can have serious complications if left untreated.
  • Symptoms
  • Poor appetite

    or Fatigue

    or Rapid heart rate

    or Fever

    • Less than 38°C (100. 4°F), Greater than or equal to 38°C (100.4°F)

    or Annoyed easily


    Joint pain

    • At hip

    • Knees


    Enlarged knee joint

    or Ankle joint swelling

    • With redness

    or Enlarged joint

    • Hip swelling


    Thigh hurts when touched

    or Leg hurts when touched


    Skin rash and redness

    • At buttocks

    • At legs not feet


    A burning feeling in thigh

    or A burning feeling in legs or feet


    Pain in ankle region without achilles tendon

  • Risk factors
  • Chemotherapy

    or History of Hemophilia

    or Sickle cell anemia

    or Falling sick easily

    Previous joint trauma

    Recent upper respiratory tract infection

  • Treatment
  • 1-Draining the infected synovial fluid from the joint. 2-Antibiotics.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Septic Arthritis, then a visit to an orthopedic surgeon is recommended.

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