Sarcoidosis is a rare disease characterized by the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells (granulomas) in any part of your body — most commonly the lungs and lymph nodes. But it can also affect the eyes, skin, heart and other organs. The cause of sarcoidosis is unknown, but experts think it results from the body's immune system responding to an unknown substance. Some research suggests that infectious agents, chemicals, dust and a potential abnormal reaction to the body's own proteins (self-proteins) could be responsible for the formation of granulomas in people who are genetically predisposed.

Sarcoidosis is not cancer and is not related to tuberculosis.
  • Symptoms
  • Fatigue


    Cough with mucus or without mucus

    • Dry

    • Lasting 4 weeks or more


    Difficulty breathing

    • Occurs or worsens with exertion


    Weight loss

    or Fever

    • Less than 38°C (100. 4°F)

    or Poor appetite


    Dry eyes

    or Intolerance to light

    or Blurred vision

    or Eye pain

    or Red eye

    Enlarged or swollen lymph nodes

    • Painless

    • Beneath jaw or at neck, Above collar bones

    • Inguinal, Under the armpits

    Red lesions filled with pus

    • At lower extremity

    • Painful

    Chest discomfort

    • Center of the chest

    • Recurrent

    Joint pain

    or Muscle pain


    or Irregular heartbeat

    Abdominal mass

    • Located in middle upper region, Left upper region, Right upper quadrant, Center of abdomen

    Skin rash and redness

    • At legs not feet

    • At face

  • Risk factors
  • Treatment
  • There's no cure for sarcoidosis, but in many cases, it goes away on its own. You may not even need treatment if you have no symptoms or only mild symptoms of the condition. The severity and extent of your condition will determine whether and what type of treatment is needed.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Sarcoidosis, then a visit to a general internist is recommended.

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