Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


Emphysema is a lung condition that causes shortness of breath. In people with emphysema, the air sacs in the lungs (alveoli) are damaged. Over time, the inner walls of the air sacs weaken and rupture — creating larger air spaces instead of many small ones.

Emphysema can't be cured, but treatments can help relieve symptoms and slow the progression of the disease.
  • Symptoms
  • Difficulty breathing

    • Occurs or worsens with exertion

    • Rapidly developing

    • Recurrent


    Rapid heart rate


    Abnormally rapid breathing

    • Prolonged exhalation


    Cough with mucus or without mucus

    • Dry

    • Recurrent

    • Lasting 4 weeks or more

    • Production of clear-white mucus, Production of yellowish-gray mucus


    Bloated chest

    Pink skin all over the body

    Weight loss

    or Loss of muscle mass

    Whistling breathing

    Bluish discoloration of the skin

    • Fingernails

  • Risk factors
  • Smoking

    History of allergy

    or Breathing in dust, smoke or chemicals for a long period of time

    or Recent contact/exposure to animals

    Family history of obstructive lung disease

  • Treatment
  • 1-Medications: Bronchodilator Medications. 2-Vaccines: Patients with emphysema should receive a flu shot annually and pneumonia shot every five to seven years to prevent infections. 3-Oxygen Therapy. 4-Surgery or Lung Transplant. 5-Protein Therapy. 6-Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, then a visit to a pulmonologist is highly recommended.

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