Acute Liver Failure

Acute liver failure (ALF) is characterized by the loss of liver function that occurs rapidly from a few days to a few weeks.

We highly recommend you to visit your recommended doctor.
  • Symptoms
  • Feel like vomiting

    or Throwing up


    Yellow eyes or skin


    Swollen belly




    Abnormally low blood sugar


    Poor appetite

    Decreased urine

    Bleeding easily or difficulty controlling bleeding

    Abdominal pain

    • In the upper right region

    Itchy skin

  • Risk factors
  • Paracetamol

    Viral infection causing liver inflammation and damage

    Drug or substance abuse

    Recent injection into vein

    Use of fluoroquinolones

    Autoimmune hepatitis

    Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

    or Hodgkin lymphoma

    Falling sick easily

    Use of Anti-Tuberculosis medication

  • Treatment
  • People with acute liver failure are often treated in the intensive care unit of a hospital in a facility that can perform a liver transplant, if necessary. Your doctor may try to treat the liver damage itself, but in many cases, treatment involves controlling complications and giving your liver time to heal. Acute liver failure treatments may include: 1-Medications to reverse poisoning. 2-Relieving pressure caused by excess fluid in the brain. 3-Liver transplant: when acute liver failure can't be reversed, the only treatment may be a liver transplant.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Acute Liver Failure, then visit a gastroenterologist as soon as possible.

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