Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus (DM), better known as diabetes, is a group of diseases characterized by high blood sugar levels. Diabetes mainly comes in 2 forms: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is caused by the body’s inability to make insulin. Type 2 diabetes is caused by the body’s unresponsiveness to insulin.

People with diabetes need to make healthy food choices, stay at a healthy weight, move more every day, and take their medicine even when they feel good.
  • Symptoms
  • High blood sugar


    High urine output


    Excessive appetite


    Excessive thirst




    Weight loss


    Blurred vision


    Frequent urination


  • Risk factors
  • Overweight or obese

    Family history of Diabetes Mellitus

    Polycystic Oary Syndrome

    Use of steroids


    High blood pressure disease

    Cushing syndrome

  • Treatment
  • For type 1 diabetes: Insulin is the main treatment. It replaces the hormone that the body isn’t able to produce. For type 2 diabetes: A healthy diet, regular exercise and weight loss can help some people manage type 2 diabetes. If lifestyle changes aren’t enough to lower blood sugar, then there are many medications that can help, doctor will prescribe the best treatment options for each case.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Diabetes Mellitus, then a visit to an endocrinologist is highly recommended.

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