Chronic Pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis is the long-term inflammation and irreversible damage of the pancreas. It can alter the organ's normal structure and functions.

Patients with chronic pancreatitis have a life expectancy that is roughly 8 years shorter than that of the general population.
  • Symptoms
  • Abdominal pain

    • Located in middle upper region

    • In the upper right region, In the upper left region

    • Radiates to the back

    • Occurs or worsens after a meal


    Weight loss


    Feel like vomiting

    or Throwing up




    Abdominal bloating


    Poor appetite



    • Occurs or worsens after a meal

    • For 2 weeks or more

    • Large quantity

    Abdominal discomfort other than pain

    High blood sugar

  • Risk factors
  • Alcohol consumption

    or Smoking

    Acute pancreatitis

    High levels of fats in blood

    Cystic fibrosis

  • Treatment
  • Treatment for pancreatitis can include medications, endoscopic therapies, or surgery. Possible medications that your doctor may prescribe for chronic pancreatitis include: 1-Pain medications. 2-Artificial digestive enzymes. Endoscopy therapy is also an option for treatment. Surgery is not necessary for most people. However, if you have severe pain that isn’t responding to medication, removing part of your pancreas can sometimes provide relief. Surgery may also be used to unblock your pancreatic duct, drain cysts, or widen it if it’s too narrow. It’s important to avoid alcohol after you’ve been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, even if alcohol wasn’t the cause of your illness. You should also avoid smoking because it can increase your risk of developing pancreatic cancer. You may need to limit the amount of fat in your diet and take vitamins.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Chronic Pancreatitis, then a visit to a gastroenterologist is highly recommended.

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