Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is any of several types of cancer arising from the tissues of the urinary bladder. It is caused when epithelial cells that line the bladder become malignant. In severe cases, it can spread to distant parts of the body, including bones, lungs, or liver.

Smoking is thought to cause about half of all bladder cancers. (This includes any type of smoking: cigarettes, cigars, or pipes).
  • Symptoms
  • Blood in urine


    Pain discomfort or burning when urinating


    Leaking urine

    or Frequent urination

    or Urgent feeling to pee


    Poor appetite

    or Fatigue

    Weight loss

    Abdominal pain

    • Lower, Flank pain

    Inability to urinate

    or Sense of incomplete emptying of urine

    Back pain

    • Lower

  • Risk factors
  • Smoking

    Radiation therapy

    or Chemotherapy

  • Treatment
  • Treatment depends on the stage of cancer. It may include some combination of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy. Surgical options may include transurethral resection, partial or complete removal of the bladder or urinary diversion.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Bladder Cancer, then visit a urologist as soon as possible.

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