Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils one tonsil on each side. Tonsillitis can be caused by a virus, such as the common cold, or by a bacterial infection, such as strep throat.

Tonsillitis can occur at any age and is a common childhood illness. It’s most often diagnosed in children from preschool age through their mid-teens.
  • Symptoms
  • Enlarged or swollen lymph nodes

    • Beneath jaw or at neck, In front of the ears, Behind the ears

    or Ear pain


    Pain, scratchiness or irritation of the throat

    or Swallowing difficulties



    • Greater than or equal to 38°C (100.4°F), Less than 38°C (100. 4°F)


    Swollen/enlarged tonsils

    or Red tonsils

    or Light spots on tonsils




    Bad breath

    Poor appetite

    or Weight loss

    Strained voice

    or Loss of voice


    Feel like vomiting

    or Throwing up

  • Risk factors
  • Treatment
  • Whether tonsillitis is caused by a viral or bacterial infection, at-home care strategies can make you more comfortable and promote better recovery, Encourage rest, Get adequate fluids, Treat pain and fever, and Have lozenges. If tonsillitis is caused by a bacterial infection, your doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics. Surgery to remove tonsils (tonsillectomy) may be used to treat frequently recurring tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis or bacterial tonsillitis that doesn't respond to antibiotic treatment.
  • Recommended specialist
  • If you have Tonsillopharyngitis, then a visit to a family medicine specialist is highly recommended.

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