Rimads launches a highly accurate Artificial Intelligence-based diagnostic algorithm named Avey

Avey, a transformative Artificial Intelligence (AI) based medical diagnostic algorithm, is Rimads’ most recently launched innovation. After 2.5 years of research and development, Avey recorded a world-leading diagnostic accuracy of 95.6%, making it a leader in AI-based medical innovation, both locally and internationally.

With Rimads staying true to its vision of developing a complete technology-based medical ecosystem, Avey brings the company one step closer to that. Not only does Avey know no bounds when it comes to geographical borders, but it also provides patients with an instant, safe, and accurate medical assessment for free. This kind of technology is revolutionary in the medical field, considering that it is available at the click of a button and does not involve any waiting time whatsoever.

From the comfort of their homes, patients can now use this technology to get a clear idea of their cases through the app anywhere in the world. Healthcare is not an exclusivity, it is a fundamental right, and Avey enables its users to actualize this right.

When using the assess feature in Avey, a patient can start by providing their chief complaint or symptoms. Subsequently, Avey performs clinical reasoning through its intelligent algorithm and asks several questions to the patient before generating a ranked list of possible causes. The patient can then click on any particular cause and learn more about the illness, its symptoms, and its treatments.

After the assessment, Avey can automatically connect the patient with the best-suited doctors in the field to follow up on their case, either virtually or physically. This is achieved using a Google-like logic that ranks doctors based on their expertise in handling the case. As a result, patients need not resort anymore to unsubstantiated means to find the best doctors for their cases. Avey will take care of that process through a groundbreaking technology, effectively guaranteeing an accurate match.

Finally, if as a result of this connection a doctor prescribes medicine to the patient, the prescription shows up on Avey and can be delivered to the patient’s place anywhere in Qatar

In summary, medical assessment becomes instant and accurate, finding and connecting with the best doctors becomes automatic and quick, and obtaining medicines becomes fast and convenient.

Rimads is committed to always using revolutionary technology to help you take care of your health and cater to your needs. Follow and check out the Rimads accounts below to get to know it better:

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